Ukwanshin Workshop/Performance in Los Angeles

Last May Ukwanshin Kabudan visited the Los Angeles Okinawa community for a workshop and performance focusing on connecting back to cultural roots and history.  Although we were all the way in Southern California, it felt like home with the warm hospitality of the community and great home cooked food.

The Los Angeles Okinawa community is blessed to have great facilities which service the people with workshops, social and cultural gatherings, and classes for music, dance, food, etc., as well as hosting visiting guests.  They are also very lucky to have 2 energetic young bodies working at the organizations office.  Both Joey and Yuka bring such great power to keep their busy schedule going.  Than you to all for such a great time.  It was great to have a standing room only event.  Looking forward to visiting again.

Ukwanshin in Los Angeles

Ukwanshin in Los Angeles

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